BIG SIZE Round Shape Popping Fidget Anti Stress Toys
Pop It Jumbo Round Shape Popping Fidget Anti Stress Toys
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Pop It Jumbo Round Shape Popping Fidget Anti Stress Toys


Big Circular Green
Big Circular Orange
Big Circular Purple
Big Circular Rainbow
Big Circular Yellow
Normal Circular
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The product is made of high-quality silicone material, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be cleaned with boiling water. A variety of bright colors are easy to get the favorite of children.

When you press the bubble, there will be a slight ”pop” sound. After the game is over, you can turn the toy over to start the next round of the game.

It can be used for children under 3 years old to exercise the child’s ability to grasp objects. When the child presses the bubble, it can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination.


Game Rules:

Players take turns to press the bubbles, each player can press 1-2 bubbles at a time, and the bubbles must be connected each time. When the player cannot press the bubble, it means that the player has lost.

You can also customize the game rules according to the situation.

After the toy is flipped, the next round of the game can be played.

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Big Circular Green, Big Circular Orange, Big Circular Purple, Big Circular Rainbow, Big Circular Yellow, Big Heart Green, Big Heart Orange, Big Heart Purple, Big Heart Rainbow, Big Heart Yellow, Big Octagon Orange, Big Octagon Purple, Big Octagon Rainbow, Big Octagon Yellow, Big Square Green, Big Square Orange, Big Square Purple, Big Square Rainbow, Big Square Yellow, Normal Circular, Normal Heart, Normal Octagon, Normal Square


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