Frog Bracelet Pop It Fidget Toys For Stress Relief
Frog Bracelet Pop It Fidget Toys For Stress Relief

Frog Bracelet Pop It Fidget Toys For Stress Relief


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Simple Dimple Push-po p Bracelet Bubble Fidget Toy Sensory Toys Anxiety Bracelet Push it Fidget Toys Poppet Fidget Toy Figit Popper Bracelet Autism 1PC


  • Safe Material: The toys are made of 100% food grade silicone. The smooth and round surface is burr-free, which can safely take care of the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Stress Relief – Helps relieve stress and focus, great for attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, autism or anxiety, perfect for students, office workers, and everyday use.
  • How to use it: just press the bubbles down and make a slight jumping sound; then turn around and start over. Reusable and washable.
  • Features: Encourage babies’ fine motor skills, sensory exploration, cause and effect learning. The toy also trains the child’s hand grasping ability.
  • EASY TO CARRY – Mini design with a buckle ring, so you can easily put it in your pocket and take it with you. There is a hole on the edge of this bonfire toy, which can be attached to a stroller or car seat.

Package includes:

  • 1PC Dimple Toy

    H63e186f41dc24ceb9de1da83f2ccdbb83 - Popping Fidgets

    Hae63696cab0c48fa8709981ee5b0f00cT - Popping Fidgets

    H7b0253fd2ef44e50b8cf9b261c0f22ffs - Popping Fidgets

    H0f5bbd9d181a4186a57784ae10f69084W - Popping Fidgets

    H587514b1250e4438ba2191ca5d517fd2C - Popping Fidgets

    Ha5be0ae00f6f4978a78012d80b2e79f5j - Popping Fidgets

    H2797bfde06764792824d4e9345fc5c70I - Popping Fidgets

    H160c0c5257fc49ebb968cb0fe4e24662i - Popping Fidgets

    Hac77aa7b8e4e43748c1b91e1167eca5fN - Popping Fidgets

    Hc709c76843004d48a081f451d7873ed0f - Popping Fidgets

    Hdd87d83473884f969d763e1d491e9ba3j - Popping Fidgets

    H3d4d5a351bfc45c69dd00c737e6bf783U - Popping Fidgets

    H69b46facb7a64a2da934421242eb0043E - Popping Fidgets

    He9b19adb5b4049538a246a1e1b4b5de7Z - Popping Fidgets

    Hc46598e5b26645aaa1e78cae2f433416w - Popping Fidgets

    Hbec075669d654d29a350d6eb98220887e - Popping Fidgets

    H7cc53dfebba4400992b00bd4fd73bcdfY - Popping Fidgets

    Hf213ecff5d624d78b178284644ab739bq - Popping Fidgets

    Hf53f2de00e684804a8aeb722fd430ab9Z - Popping Fidgets

    H649e887a3bcd4906b757a6ab9387f675e - Popping Fidgets

    H958454359df54befa90158b90ec1b18fB - Popping Fidgets

    H16bec42aa5114688944662cd32f95b5ar - Popping Fidgets

    H5a044cc0e211424f8c8cd91ed8f2bc7er - Popping Fidgets

    H4e28e1df4b0e49d7add8ae6656357e33f - Popping Fidgets

    Hccb2556f5c10480c98a535d0f7a66d30c - Popping Fidgets

    H08a7c875939d4a6681e0aa5d54ed0689O - Popping Fidgets

    Hd2949b2590fe448cbae0a8488249d1ffv - Popping Fidgets

    Ha38fb4877c6a457daf7214b01bb7d9d3S - Popping Fidgets

    H64681b34365941f88fc58ca11c2d0256f - Popping Fidgets

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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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