Basketball Pop It Fidget Simple Dimple Anti Stress Toy

Basketball Pop It Fidget Simple Dimple Anti Stress Toy


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Product Feature:
The product is made of high-quality food-grade silicone and has obtained relevant quality inspection certificates. non-toxic and tasteless, and can be cleaned with boiling water. A variety of bright colors are easy to get the favorite of children.

When you press the bubble, there will be a slight “pop” sound. After the game is over, you can turn the toy over to start the next round of the game.

It can be used for children under 3 years old to exercise the child’s ability to grasp objects. When children play, they can exercise their logical thinking and calculation skills.

Game Rules:
Players take turns to press the bubbles. Each player can press 1-3 bubbles at a time, and must press the connected bubbles each time. If the player cannot press the bubble, it means the player has lost.

You can also customize the game rules according to the situation.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.
Please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement.

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2 PCS links Chain, banana, Baseball, Basketball, Black-White Penguin, Blue Owl, butterfly, Cabbage, CokeCan, dog, fish, Football, Football Field, Hamburger, horse, Pink rocket, Pumpkin, puzzle, Rainbow Fox, Rainbow Lion, Rainbow palm, Rainbow Panda, Rainbow Penguin, Rainbow pumpkin, Rainbow Tiger, Red Lollipop, rocket, Rugby, star, Triceratops, Volleyball, watermelon


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